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This is a personal, experimental automatic weather station. It does not respect WMO nor ICAO station siting requirements. Data displayed on this website is only for informational purposes, and may be inaccurate and/or obsolete.

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About the station:

Location: Castello delle Forme (PG) Airfield, Umbria / Italy
Coordinates: N42.97° E012.37°, elevation 580 ft MSL

Still image of weather station

Weather station: wired Europe Supplies WS-2300, in modified IP65 DIN Rail housing
Webcam 1: Logitech QuickCam E 3500, in modified IP44 flood light housing, facing NNW
Computer: Asus WL-500gP, with external directional antenna
Total power consumption: ~8 Watts - about ½ of a medium energy saving light bulb

Webcam 2: Modified Canon PowerShot A200, in DIY IP56 housing, facing NNE
Computer: wired TP-Link TL-MR3020, in IP54 housing
Total power consumption: ~5 Watts

Data acquisition: OpenWRT Backfire, slightly modified open2300 / gphoto2
Data transmission: several ash shell scripts
Weather server (this website): LAMP Server, receiver and display software in PHP
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External data:
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Check the station`s history here (text file)

Weathermaster: H.P. Stroebel

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